Helping Hands Organization-Ongole


Our Work Flow

  • Fundraising

    Funds are raised through the placement of collection boxes strategically located in academic blocks for each batch, with separate boxes for PUC and Engineering Batches. Students can contribute to our cause by placing donations in these collection boxes. The collected funds are counted in the presence of the Executive Committee and subsequently deposited into our SBI account. Detailed records of these contributions are transparently displayed on our website at

  • Gathering the Problems through Representatives

    Students those who have problems can mention through enrolling on the website. The working committee will gather all the enrollments posted in a defined period. If there is an emergency they can directly consult the representatives or Executive committee members.

  • Executive Committee decisions

    The committee meets twice a month to address genuine issues, offering support, both financial and otherwise, based on decision of all Executive members.

Our Journey

The story of Helping Hands Organization began with the students of RGUKT Ongole, who recognized the need to make a difference in the lives of their peers. With inspiration from our counterparts at RGUKT RK Valley, we embarked on a mission to create a positive impact. Supported wholeheartedly by our dedicated faculty and administration, we officially established Helping Hands Organization Ongole.


At Helping Hands Organization, we are driven by a singular vision - to provide unwavering support to fellow students facing health-related challenges they cannot afford. Since our inception in 2018, we have tirelessly pursued this mission, making a tangible difference in the lives of students within our RGUKT-Ongole campus. Our success is attributed to the relentless efforts of our student representatives and the unyielding support of our administration, all underpinned by the harmonious collaboration among our student community. In the spirit of unity, we believe that "Someone cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

Finance Department (FD)

The Finance Department (FD) of Helping Hands Organization focuses on efficiently collecting and distributing funds to support the organization's mission. It is led by a Treasurer, usually a faculty member, and a Joint Treasurer, a student with significant involvement in the Executive Committee. Funds are collected through student contributions and donations, and monthly records are transparently displayed on the organization's website. The Joint Secretary of FD oversees fund releases, seeking consultation with the Executive Committee and Treasurer when necessary, ensuring responsible financial management.

Internal Care Department (ICD)

The Internal Care Department (ICD) at RGUKT-Ongole aims to financially support students in meeting their daily expenses. This department functions by having students fill out application forms, which are scrutinized at various levels, including class and batch representatives and student EC members. Once approved by the Joint Secretary of ICD, grants are disbursed by the finance department, with a strong emphasis on responsible allocation. The ICD's objective is to ensure that students in need receive assistance for expenses such as Dhobi charges for physically handicapped students and travel allowances, primarily benefiting RGUKT-Ongole students.

Health Care Department (HCD)

The Health Care Department (HCD) at RGUKT-Ongole is dedicated to identifying and assisting financially disadvantaged students facing health-related challenges beyond the scope of the university hospital, ensuring their uninterrupted educational journey with increased confidence. HCD conducts both general and expert health camps periodically, offers medical allowances to needy RGUKT-Ongole students, and extends outside charity in terms of health support. The department's structure includes a Joint Secretary chosen by the Executive Committee (EC). Students seeking medical assistance must complete an application form and follow a multi-level scrutiny process involving class, batch, and EC members. The Joint Secretary approves grants, which are disbursed by the finance department based on recommendations. HCD strives to provide support within humanitarian grounds, emphasizing the health of RGUKT-Ongole students, and requires documentation to ensure responsible allocation of funds while maintaining a preference for campus students.

Public Relation Department (PRD)

The Public Relation Department (PRD) is tasked with the objective of effectively communicating news about Helping Hands Organization's (HHO) events and activities to both the campus community and the public, ensuring the maximum benefit of HHO's initiatives. The department's functions include gathering updates and activities of HHO, publicizing these activities among students through annual mega awareness camps and organizing annual day events within the allocated budget. PRD also handles hospitality arrangements for invitees or guests, manages donor-related matters such as honorarium, and conducts press releases as needed. In cases of outside charity initiatives, the Joint Secretary of PRD arranges EC meetings for approval and execution, with all EC student members contributing as required.

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